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Perfume Making

Scents and tools for the Perfume maker to create unique blends - The Art of Personal Scent. This category will go live shortly. Please email for more details.

Blends of selected Essential Oils and pure Jojoba Oil provide a palette for the perfume maker to craft individualized scents by layering and spot blending for a unique and personal note. Designed to enable perfume makers to create perfumes to suit preferences and moods and give endless options for experimentation.

Jojoba Oil is the ideal carrier oil for the fragrant essential oils. Being scent neutral, it does not interfere with the nature of the essential oils. Jojoba is high in vitamin E and mimics the sebum of the skin, promoting a glowing complexion, as opposed to alcohol-based perfumes which dry the skin.

Perfume Palettes have been specially selected to provide the top, middle, and base notes that are the building blocks of the perfume craft.

Perfume Making