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Greener Life Club Logo - Permission to Use
Greener Life Club Logo - Permission to Use

Greener Life Club Logo - Permission to Use

Join the Greener Life Club now to IMMEDIATELY access PROMO CODE to secure an additional 20% discount on THIS ITEM (and all others!). If you are a member logon to see your discounted price.

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Greener Life Club Membership Logo - Permission to use.

If you utilize the Greener Life Club Membership Logo be sure to post your products to the Greener Life Club Member Product Directory. Essential Depot will promote the products you post for you.

The Greener Life Club Member Logo (Mark) may be used on web sites, product packaging or any other promotional materials providing the Person or Entity using the Logo it meets the following criteria:
  • Is dedicated to producing products and services that promote a Greener Life.
  • Be striving to provide shoppers reliable information about the health, social, animal welfare and environmental attrubutes of a product at the point of purchase.
  • Implementing good manufacturing practices in the production and/or packaging of the products they produce.
  • Strives to practice and promote fair trade with all involved in bringing its product or services to market.
  • Be an active member of the the Greener Life Club with any membership dues up to date.
Click on the Greener Life Club Member logo above to see a high resolution version of the logo you can use on your labels. Right click on and download after you pay the $1 fee. The logo must be used in its entirety, as presented with no modification.

If you need a higher resolution version of logo or if you have any questions please email