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16 Pack of our amazing Greener Life Club Boxes  (Retail $69.97)
16 Pack of our amazing Greener Life Club Boxes  (Retail $69.97)

16 Pack of our amazing Greener Life Club Boxes (Retail $69.97)

$50.00 Join the Greener Life Club to access PROMO CODE to secure an additional 20% discount on this product.

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Product Details

SKU: GLCBOX-16PACK UPC: 810068070941 Uses:
    GREENER LIFE CLUB Members:   Add this item FREE (16 GLC Boxes) to each order you place by using Promo Code: WELCOME.
    Just look at ways you can use this container:
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Country of Origin: France Color: Natural Polypropylene Harmonized Code: 39235090 (Lid) and 39231090 (pail) Length (inches): 13 Width (inches): 13 Height (inches): 15 Gross Weight (lb.): 7 Net Weight (lb.): 7

Greener Life Club Box - Box of 16 (Revolutionary Essential Depot)

    Food Grade
    Safety Seal
    Microwave Safe
    Freezer Safe
    Removable Handle
    Virtually indestructible.
    Stronger and more durable than most other containers.

Main Benefits:

  • Color:  Natural
  • Fully Stackable .  Each bottom fits perfectly into the top of another.
  • Plastic.  Made from recycleable PP (polypropylene).
  • Temperature tolerance, -4°F (-20°C) to 180°F (82.22°C).
  • Will not deform during 180F sanitizing rinse.
  • Almost impossible to break, virtually indestructible.
  • Ergonomically designed for easy handling.
  • 6 locations for your label: lid/top, bottom, each side.