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Once you view these 2 videos you will ONLY purchase your Essential Oils from Essential Depot.

Essential Depot prides itself on being the only Essential Oil provider to test each and every batch offering you batch specific GCMS upon request.  Organically cultivated, grown, and produced; means that Essential Depot's essential oils are grown and produced free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, verified by GCMS testing.


    For steam distillation, all the distilleries use SS 316 (Stainless Steel) which is the highest quality metal that can be used for steam distillation.
    For solvent extraction, n-hexane is used as it is a food/pharma grade solvent.  N-hexane is evaporated after extraction leaving only the pure absolute essential oil behind.
    For cold press, mechanical extraction without chemicals and without external heat (the only heat generated is solely from friction) and with a final separation of the oil from the water by centrifugal force.  The preferred extraction method to preserve the great amount of nutrient values.

Essential Depot requires WHO GMP certification of the Essential Oil producers.

It is also required that there is no animal testing of the essential oils conducted by the producer.

Please note: The International Federation of Aromatherapists does not recommend that Essential Oils be taken internally unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified in clinical Aromatherapy.  The essential oils that Essential Depot sell are organic and therapeutic grade; intended for cosmetic and aromatherapy use, and not intended for internal use.


    Never ever smell a ‘new to you’ essential oil directly from a bottle. WHY?
    BECAUSE you will usually only detect the top note.  A top note is the smallest, lightest weight, and most volatile constituents that are at the top of the bottle, hence "top note".  Our Essential Oils are unadulterated and, therefore, are very strong.  Essential Oils are able to burn your nostrils; so please be very careful.  The true essences will be in the rest of the bottle.  Of course, you missed that part when you sniffed a whiff from the newly opened bottle.  The proper way is to gently rotate the bottle, then place a drop or two onto scent testing strips made for smelling scents.  If testing strips are not available to you; then, at the very least, use a clean paper towel (not the best but better than a tissue).  Do not smell from close to the drop.  Gently wave the scented item under your nose.  Take a slight whiff and then you can detect the more subtle botanical notes.


    4 oz. bottle contains 4 fl. oz. of essential oil.  Colored glass is used to protect the essential oil from light.  Additional protection is the conical cap.  The safety ring provides the detection of tampering.
    1 kg. aluminum containers contain 1 kg. (approximately 2.2 lbs.) by weight of essential oil.  The aluminum bottle has a PET coating inside which will not be degraded by the essential oil for quite some time.  However, you should use the contents within a year as the PET coating has a life of approximately 1.5 yrs, otherwise decant into a new bottle.

Before you order multiples or the bulk 1 kg, please first place a test order of a 4 oz. bottle to assure you like the oil.  Since the oils are unadulterated and very strong, you may not be use to the scent.


    Each of our Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils ship to Canada by UPS Standard or USPS service.  Orders with a product value of less than $20.00 U.S.D. going to a residential address in Canada will incur no customs or brokerage fees if shipped via UPS.  All other Canadian orders will incur customs and brokerage fees.  A separate bill from the carrier or customs broker for any customs or brokerage fees will be sent to you; please pay this bill in a timely manner to ensure timely delivery of your next order.