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Sodium Hydroxide - Lye - Caustic Soda - NaOH

Essential Depot sells Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) and Potassium Hydroxide. Shipment is only made in 2 lb certified plastic containers, we ship up to 16 of these 2lb containers per box, and up to 128lbs of hydroxide in any one shipment (IE: 4 x 32lb boxes, containing 16 containers per box). The approved plastic container is made from durable high quality HDPE with a plastic child resistant twist-off resealable cap. The benefit of this plastic container is that you may maintain the product in a place you otherwise may not (like your garage), because the resealable container inhibits the entry of moisture, so that your product stays dry and loose.

Please note: As each batch of Sodium Hydroxide can vary slightly it is strongly urged that you make a small batch using Sodium Hydroxide from each different batch number prior to any large batch making. It is also important that if you desire total consistency, then you must use distilled water (not purified, not filtered, etc ...) because the impurities (salts, minerals, and alkaline content in any other water) can vary enough to effect the clarity and consistency of your soap. If there are mineral deposits in your water, then your lye water will be cloudy, even have a film, and possible black specks could develop. This is because the lye reacts with those impurities in the water just as it reacts with the fats/oils.

Essential Depot's Sodium Hydroxide is manufactured in the U.S.A. by a very large reputable chemical company. It has a minimum Sodium Hydroxide strength of 96%. This means that there can be a variation in Sodium Hydroxide strength from batch to batch. Sodium Hydroxide from China or Mexico provided by other suppliers/vendors can vary by greater percentages.

Beware of suppliers that do not ship in certified containers as your product will likely be unusable if you store for any length of time in even slightly humid conditions. Hydroxide is hydrophilic which means that it not only attracts moisture and water but it actively absorbs any moisture or water to which it is exposed. Use caution when purchasing drain openers as a source of lye because most drain openers contain other chemical in addition to the lye. These other chemicals are very undesirable and potentially harmful when used in making soap, biodiesel or any food products.

Sodium Hydroxide - Lye - Caustic Soda - NaOH