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Sodium Hydroxide Lye Micro Beads - Food Grade - USP - 4 lbs - 2 x 2lb Bottles
Sodium Hydroxide Lye Micro Beads - Food Grade - USP - 4 lbs - 2 x 2lb Bottles

Sodium Hydroxide Lye Micro Beads - Food Grade - USP - 4 lbs - 2 x 2lb Bottles

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SKU: NAOH-4-FOOD_GRADE UPC: 812841025308

Shipping Restrictions: ORM-D

  • AIR SHIPMENT PROHIBITED -> Can only be shipped to USA 48 Contiguous States
  • ORM-D -> Can only be shipped to USA 48 Contiguous States
  • ORM-D FREE SHIP -> Can only be shipped to USA States and USA Territories

Annual Conference: Links to Speaker Bios and Images. Text Melanie at (863) 224-9555 to learn more about our PARTNER PROGRAM (50% OFF all products, FREE Web Site, and more) available only to Annual Conference attendees. Text Mel at (863) 224-9555 stating the best time for her to call you. Country of Origin: USA CAS #: 1310-73-2 Harmonized Code: 2815110000 Length (inches): 7 Width (inches): 4 Height (inches): 9 Gross Weight (lb.): 5 Net Weight (lb.): 4 SDS/MSDS Link: C.O.A. / G.C. Link: Data/Spec Sheet Link: Ayurvedic Blog: Essential Oil Blog: Greener Life Products:

Essential Depot is the FIRST, as well as the ONLY, SELLER whose PACKAGING, LABELING, and PRODUCT has been APPROVED by the U.S. government. Each complies:  the labeling complies with all federal regulations, our containers (including the caps) comply with applicable regulatory and statutory requirements, and the product itself actually exceeded the government's third party independent laboratory testing standards.

WHEN THE QUALITY OF LYE IS IMPORTANT...turn to Essential Depot's Sodium Hydroxide.

The Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) used when making soap is extremely important.  Essential Depot’s Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) is manufactured in the U.S.A. by a very large reputable chemical company.  The manufacturer’s specification is 96% minimum Sodium Hydroxide strength.  The typical Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) strength received from the manufacturer by Essential Depot is between 98% and 99.9%.  This strength percentage varies widely from batch to batch for Sodium Hydroxide from China or Mexico.

Used for soap or biodiesel when the quality of the caustic is very critical.  Also use if:  you have been having problems with the consistency of batches, formulate with hard to saponify oil blends, or employ sensitive essential oils.

Essential Depot has filled over 1,000,000 orders from soap makers with its U.S.A.-made Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide (Lye). This enables Essential Depot to offer the best quality product at a lower price than our competitors.

Our artisan customers make over 500,000 bars of natural soap per week with our Sodium Hydroxide and they post their wonderful creations to the Some make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year selling the products they make with our ingredients; and we love to help them do it!

With much input from our most experienced soapmakers, Essential Depot has been able to identify the many possible causes of the rare bad batch of soap.  Use the below links to view, print, or download:

      Essential Depot's article:  "AVOIDING BAD BATCHES"

Watch these videos of Dr. Kevin Dunn at an Essential Depot Retreat to learn just little bit more about Sodium Hydroxide and how to self-test at home the purity of your Sodium Hydroxide:
          "The Balancing Act - Part I"
          "The Balancing Act - Part II"

  • Other Names:  Sodium Hydroxide - NaOH - Caustic Soda - Lye - substitute for Red Devil Lye
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Food Grade - lower impurities
  • No nutritional value.
  • Shipped as 2 x 2 lb. containers in one box
  • each container is HDPE
  • each container is sealed with a resealable child proof cap
  • each container is properly labeled
  • Ingredients:  Electrolysis of Chlorine and a brine.
  • Certificate of Analysis available for every lot/batch upon request, Batch Specific COA available (Sample COA- CLICK HERE).
  • 98% and 99.9% minimum purity (96% minimum standard)
  • Evenly-Sized Micro Pels (beads or particles):  Specifically manufactured into evenly-sized micro pels. Evenly-sized micro pels mean an equal saturation of water for each pel.  Equal saturation of each micro pel means consistent saponification, whether that saponification be in soap making, pretzels, hominy, or any other application.
  • CRUELTY FREE:  Not tested on animals beginning 1st January 1991.
  • NON-GMO:  Not manufactured with and does not contain genetically modified organisms.
  • HALAL acceptable:  Acceptable for Halal consideration.  Does not contain alcohol, natural L-cysteine extracted from hair or feathers, animal fats and/or extracts, blood, blood plasma, or pork/or other meat byproducts.  Alcohol is not used as a processing aid.
  • Not of animal origin and does not contribute to BSE.
  • BPA Free
  • The equipment used in manufacture does not come into contact with or contain any animal by-products/fats/products; therefore, according to the OU current policies caustic soda is acceptable for use in KOSHER-related activities without certification.
  • This product is designated by FDA as a food additive Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) when used in accordance with good manufacturing practices (21 CFR 184.1763).
  • Shelf Life:  2+ Years - Do not be afraid to stock up.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Food Chemical Codex listed, it is specifically approved for use per the following FDA citations:
      21 CFR 172.892 (Food Starch-Modified, modified up to 1%)
      21 CFR173.310 (Boiler Water Additive)
      21 CFR 177.1600 (Polyethylene Resins, Carboxyl Modified)
  • Cleared for reaction with fatty triglycerides and their fatty acid, alcohol, or dimer derivatives listed in 21 CFR 176.210 to form soaps under 21 CFR 175.105 (Adhesives), 21 CFR 176.210 (Defoaming Agents used in the manufacture of paper and paperboard), and 21 CFR 178.3120 (Animal Glue).
  • STORAGE:  Recommend use of the air tight shipping container to minimize any product agglomeration in the package.

  • Soap and Detergent:  saponifies fats into water-soluble sodium soaps
  • Food and Dairy:  used in various food processing methods which includes washing and chemical peeling of fruits and vegetables, poultry, soft drink, chocolate processing, cocoa processing, and thickening ice cream
  • Metal Cleaning:  clean metals by saponifying surface oils to create a thin soapy layer, etches the surface of certain types of metals, important preparatory step in many welding or painting applications
  • Textile Treatment:  aid in scouring, bleaching and neutralizing during textile processing
  • General and Industrial Cleaning:  strong base used as an alkali source in cleaning agents. As such, it can dissolve grease, oils, fats and protein based deposits. Used also, for example, to clean and prepare sheet steel in galvanizing plants as well as being a chief ingredient for drain pipe cleaners
  • Biodiesel and Bioethanol:  catalyst for the transesterification of methanol and triglycerides as well as for pH adjustment and formation of in situ sodium methylate to prevent the formation of soap due to the presence of water
  • Chemical Production:  as a reactive intermediate and catalyst in chemical production as well as in chemical processing plants for scrubbing and drying
  • General Industrial:  in the manufacture of products ranging from glue, gelatin, grease, and cosmetics to dry batteries, agricultural products, paint, and varnish removers
  • Petroleum Exploration:  treating agent in oil well drilling fluids to increase viscosity which prevents heavier materials from settling

  • FORM:  Evenly Sized Micro Beads/Pels, microcrystalline structure, anhydrous, hygroscopic (attracting moisture), deliquescent (dissolving in moisture absorbed from the atmosphere), reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form sodium carbonate.
  • PHYSICAL:  The remarkable uniformity of the tiny beads, close to ¾ millimeter diameter, offers superior properties: little or no dust, excellent flow properties, uniform size, excellent blending characteristics, structural strength, high bulk density and low moisture pickup, resulting in less caking or lumping. Average diameter of ¾ millimeter, corresponding to 25 mesh. The spherical shape enables beads to roll and flow easily while producing far less dust than flakes, has a minimum surface area per pound, minimizes moisture pickup. Freedom from dust on the bead surface also slows moisture pickup. The reactivity is as a strong alkali.
  • ODOR:  odorless in its dry state
  • Boiling Point:  2534°F (1390°C)
  • Melting Point (crystallization begins):  590-608°F (310- 320°C)
  • Specific Gravity:  2.13
  • Bulk Density:  Compacted 73 lb/ft3, Loose 70 lb/ft3
  • pH at 20°C:  Strongly Basic
  • Solubility in Water:  42 g/100 g water at 0°C (32°F), 347 g/100 g water at 100°C (212°F)
  • Solution Rate:  Twice as fast as flake
  • Refractive Index:  1.3576
  • Particle Shape:  Spherical, evenly sized
  • Friability:  Very Low as well as Very Low Dust

Please review our SAFETY DATA SHEET for the Sodium Hydroxide and Potassium Hydroxide products (all sizes) before using:

    Sodium Hydroxide / Lye MSDS - CLICK HERE

    Potassium Hydroxide / Lye MSDS - CLICK HERE

Here are our CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS for the Sodium Hydroxide and Potassium Hydroxide products (all sizes):

    Sodium Hydroxide Technical Grade Beads COA- CLICK HERE

    Sodium Hydroxide Food Grade Micro Beads COA- CLICK HERE

    Potassium Hydroxide Flakes COA - CLICK HERE


Soap Making has been going on in peoples’ kitchens, barns, and yards for over 100 years.  At we wanted to share these 5 great vintage pamphlets from the early 1900’s.  Each contains some very interesting facts and usage information about Lye.  Enjoy!  Click here to view, print, and download Vintage Lye pamphlets.