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Refill Pack - STEM Soap Making Kit
Refill Pack - STEM Soap Making Kit

Refill Pack - STEM Soap Making Kit

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SKU: SK-SM-105R UPC: 810068070217 Uses: Science education project that includes a broad range of activities from the classroom to the summer camp activity to simple family fun and gifts.

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Country of Origin: USA Length (inches): 8 Width (inches): 6 Height (inches): 5 Gross Weight (lb.): 3.5 Net Weight (lb.): 3.0

Refill  Kit - R.E.D.   S.T.E.M.  Soap Kit
(Revolutionary Essential Depot)
(Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)

REPEAT CRAFTING: Includes everything you need to make ANOTHER loaf of soap (maximum loaf size: 11.25(L) X 3.25(W) X 3.70(H)).

Another New Soaping Product from RED (Revolutionary Essential Depot).

Introduced to the R.E.D. (Revolutionary Essential Depot) line of products on April 25, 2020.

Essential Depot's S.T.E.M. Soap Kit is specifically designed for educators in pre-K, elementary, and secondary classrooms. Use this kit as a science education kit and product alongside S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum to demonstrate S.T.E.M. concepts and real-world applications through a hands-on activities to your students. Science education projects include a broad range of activities, such as practical experiments in engineering, aeronautics, robotics, energy, chemistry, physics, biology, and geology while incorporating applied math and science principles. Recently, however, not only teachers/educators use this method, but it is also used in home school based projects, summer camp activities, and just pure family fun as well as fabulous gifts.

This project includes the:

      Science of saponification and soapmaking

      Technology of electronically creating/marketing a product and label

      Engineering product design, development/production timelines, chemistry

      Math of calculations

Included in the kit:

  • 5oz SODIUM HYDROXIDE, solid (NaOH), HDPE container, child proof lid, resealable lid, poly bagged
  • 16 oz OLIVE OIL in resealable microwavable pouch
  • 15 oz COCONUT OIL in resealable microwavable pouch
  • 2 oz CASTOR OIL in resealable microwavable pouch
  • ESSENTIAL OIL or FRAGRANCE OIL, scent is random, tinted glass bottle, safety sealed, resealable phenolic cone cap, quantity depends upon the scent
  • 1 ADDITIVE, poly bagged, appropriate for the scent
  • 11 LABELS for the finished soap


Additional safety items not included in the kit that you will need are:

  • NONE !

You will also need the following soapmaking equipment:

  • mixing bowl large enough for ALL ingredients (Stainless Steel, HDPE, or even Glass) NO ALUMINUM OR ZINC!!!
  • stainless steel spoon (for mixing the lye but can use the silicone spatula)
  • Cutting blade (knife, metal dough/bench scrape, even a fine strong wire, etc.)
  • optional: stickblender (immersion blender), if you want to speed up the mixing time/effort
  • optional: scale, if you want to weigh items for extra calculations but you can guess at the water weight/quantity

Soapmaking DO’s and DON’Ts:

  • ALWAYS work in a well ventilated area
  • Wear your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • DO NOT get distracted
  • NEVER add water to lye, ALWAYS slowly add the lye to water
  • NEVER use aluminum or zinc coated items, ALWAYS use stainless steel or plastic or even glass