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Soap Cutter - Perfectly Cuts 11 x 1" inch bars
Soap Cutter - Perfectly Cuts 11 x 1

Soap Cutter - Perfectly Cuts 11 x 1" inch bars

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SKU: RED-SOAP-CUTTER-11 UPC: 812841026497

Country of Origin: USA Harmonized Code: 3301250020 Gross Weight (lb.): 16 Net Weight (lb.): 16 Spec Sheet Link: View Spec Sheet Ayurvedic Blog: Essential Oil Blog: Greener Life Products:

Soap Cutter - Perfectly Cuts 11 x 1" inch bars

The RED Soap Cutter is the first commercial soap cutter to retail for less than $300.00. Engineered to last a lifetime when used as directed, the U.S.-made soap cutter uses quality steel and is coated with a hard, baked-on firehouse red powder-coat enamel. Its heavy-duty base and cutting table are high-grade HDPE plastic. Each RED Soap Cutter is individually manufactured in the U.S.; small variations in the finish are a part of this hand-crafted product and do not affect the use of the cutter.

Essential Depot's RED Soap Cutter is specifically designed to complement the company's RED Silicone Soap Mold. Loaves from the mold fit exactly into the cutter and can be cut quickly, easily and accurately into 11 equally sized one-inch bars.

NOT FOR USE ON MELT AND POUR SOAP LOAVES except Essential Depot's Shea Melt and Pour.

Essential Depots RED Soap Cutter comes with a one-year, no-questions-asked replacement warranty. After one year if your cutter breaks for any reason, all you do is send us your cutter back with a check for $50, and we will send you a fixed or replacement cutter by return mail.

Instructions on care:

  • Download your copy of the cutter instructions here: Cutter Instructions
  • You can clean your tables with a clean brush or cloth.

    If your cutter will be unused for longer than a couple of days then you should wipe down the wires with a light oil such as mineral oil. Re-apply after non-use of approximately 60 days (depending upon the environment in which you store the cutter).

  • Re-lubricate the cutter wires if you clean the wires. Re-lubricate using a light oil such as mineral oil. Merely apply a small amount of the oil to a clean cloth and wipe each wire.
  • The Essential Depot R.E.D. Soap Cutter wires are made from Spring Steel (not Stainless Steel). Spring Steel is stronger than Steel and stronger than Stainless Steel. As a result, this means there may be traces of corrosion or rust (iron oxide) on the wires, even on a new cutter. This is normal and occurs merely from the air exposure during the manufacture and packaging processes.
  • Iron Oxide can be easily removed by application of household vinegar on a dry cloth, allow to remain on the wire a minimum of 5 - 20 minutes (overnight for best results), then merely wipe off the vinegar and iron oxide with a fresh damp cloth. Repeat process if some iron oxide remains on the wire. However, the slight iron oxide on the wire will not impact your soap. To achieve the optimal life span of your cutter wires, assure that your cutter wires are dry and do not remain exposed to moisture and air for long periods of time.

Wire Replacement and Tightening Video: