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7lbs. Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid
7lbs. Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid

7lbs. Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid

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Product Details

SKU: ASCORBIC-ACID-7LB UPC: 810068070828

Harmonized Code: 29362700 Length (inches): 10 Width (inches): 7 Height (inches): 6 Gross Weight (lb.): 7.5 Net Weight (lb.): 7 Ayurvedic Blog: Essential Oil Blog: Greener Life Products: Skin Safe: Yes

Shipped in an PP safety sealed wide mouthed container with resealable cap and with reattachable handle (container is also microwave safe).

SYNONYMS: Vitamin C, L-Ascorbate, or L-Ascorbic Acid


MOLECULAR WEIGHT: 176.124120 g/mol

SOURCE: natural (like fruits and vegetables)

APPEARANCE: odorless, solid, granular (like table salt or sugar), white to extremely pale yellow (almost a light beige), a pleasant sharp acidic taste.

SOLUBILITY: in water

PROPERTIES: Anhydrous, strong reducing and antioxidant agent that functions in fighting bacterial infections, in detoxifying reactions, and in the formation of collagen in fibrous tissue, teeth, bones, connective tissue, skin, and capillaries. Vitamin C can not be produce or stored by humans and must be obtained through a diet. "Generally Regarded As Safe" (GRAS) by the FDA when used in accordance with good manufacturing practices.


    SOAP MAKING: Used to make a harder bar of soap. Add approximately 1% Ascorbic Acid proportionally to the weight of the fats. Also used to adjust pH, as a preservative, and as an antioxidant to slow deterioration of the finished product caused by exposure to the air.

    INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS: Photo production, fluorescence microscopy, plastic manufacturing, and to balance pH.

STORAGE: To maintain freshness and maximum shelf life store in container provided and protect from heat, air, moisture and light. Do not store in metal.