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Beef Tallow - 7 lbs in GLC Box - GRASS FED - FOOD GRADE
Beef Tallow - 7 lbs in GLC Box - GRASS FED - FOOD GRADE

Beef Tallow - 7 lbs in GLC Box - GRASS FED - FOOD GRADE

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SKU: TALLOW-7LB-GLCBOX UPC: 810068070392

Annual Conference: Links to Speaker Bios and Images. Text Melanie at (863) 224-9555 to learn more about our PARTNER PROGRAM (50% OFF all products, FREE Web Site, and more) available only to Annual Conference attendees. Text Mel at (863) 224-9555 stating the best time for her to call you. Country of Origin: USA and Canada Extraction Method: Rendered and Filtered Color: Creamy White to Light Yellow CAS #: 61789-97-7 SAP value (KOH): 195 SAP value (NaOH): 139 Flash Point (°C): 500°F (min) Harmonized Code: 3401115000 Length (inches): 10 Width (inches): 7 Height (inches): 6 Gross Weight (lb.): 7.5 Net Weight (lb.): 7 SDS Link: View SDS C.O.A. / G.C. Link: Ayurvedic Blog: Essential Oil Blog: Greener Life Products:

Beef Tallow - GRASS FED - Not Hydrogenated - Non-GMO - USP - Food Grade - 7 lb - Greener Life Club Box

Shipped in a freezer-safe, microwave safe, safety-sealed, PP container (pail) with a resealable lid and removeable handle.

A creamy unbleached beef tallow rendered from only pure beef fat wih no additives. Rendered from all fats of the bovine.

  • Semi-solid
  • Lactose Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Glutamate Free
  • Grass-fed
  • Non-GMO
  • USP Compliant (not certified)

Grass Fed Beef Tallow for culinary use as well as an ingredient in soapmaking and skin care products.

Use for making the hardest and longest-lasting soaps.

If you order this meltable product between May 01 - October 31, please be aware that your product may experience changes in consistency or slight leakage. If this is a problem, please do not order between May 01 - October 31. This product may not be solid at room temperature. If you require a product that is solid at room temperature then you should order the more expensive tallow rendered only from the kidney fat of the cattle.

Keep cool and refrigerate after opening. Use within 3 months of opening.

*Rendered beef tallow is known to be low risk with respect to BSE as the BSE agent, a prion, is protein based, does not reside in the fat nor is it soluble. Due to the high level of processing and filtration, it is extremely unlikely to present any risk of contamination.