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PUMICE - 8 lbs - Grade:  0 - 1/2 - Amorphous Aluminum Silicate or Volcanic Glass - U.S.A. Made
PUMICE - 8 lbs - Grade:  0 - 1/2 - Amorphous Aluminum Silicate or Volcanic Glass - U.S.A. Made

PUMICE - 8 lbs - Grade: 0 - 1/2 - Amorphous Aluminum Silicate or Volcanic Glass - U.S.A. Made

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Annual Conference: Links to Speaker Bios and Images. Text Melanie at (863) 224-9555 to learn more about our PARTNER PROGRAM (50% OFF all products, FREE Web Site, and more) available only to Annual Conference attendees. Text Mel at (863) 224-9555 stating the best time for her to call you. Botanical Name: Amorphous Aluminum Silicate (non-crystalline) or Volcanic Glass Country of Origin: USA Color: Gray - Off-White - White CAS #: 1332-09-8 Harmonized Code: 25131000 Length (inches): 10 Width (inches): 7 Height (inches): 6 Gross Weight (lb.): 8.25 Net Weight (lb.): 8 SDS/MSDS Link: Greener Life Products: Skin Safe: Yes

Grade: 0-1/2 - 8 lbs net weight in the GLC Box

Shipped in a safety sealed rectangular style PP container with a resealable lid and a detachable/re-attachable handle.

Effective and proven replacement for "microbeads" ("microbeads" are now prohibited by the Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015).

Mother Nature manufactured the properties of Pumice also making it:
  • cost effective
  • chemically inert
  • environmentally safe
  • negligible enviromental impact
  • not a carbon footprint source, even at eventual disposal or consumption
  • does not unbalance nature

Also known as Amorphous Aluminum Silicate or Volcanic Glass. Chemically benign and abundant, minimally processed with a very low carbon footprint. Pumice is a naturally calcined volcanic glass foam consisting of highly vesicular strands of permeated with tiny air bubbles making this Pumice highly porous allowing it to hold both water and air. These frothy, friable glass vesicles afford pumice its unique and infinitely useful qualities. Pumice's hardness property (see the General Physical Properties below) allows this Pumice to maintain its structure, the particles remain sharp-edged when processed to even a sub-micron size.

All Pumice is not created equal. This Pumice is mined in an environmentally low-impact method and is naturally low in impurities. Pumice is a non-botanical, sustainable, gentle exfoliant that has been used successfully for years. When composted, Pumice is the sustainable product that keeps giving by providing aereation, structure, and assisting the soild hold nitrogen, moissture, and other nutrients.

  • Cosmetic and Personal Care Industry - Popular in heavy-duty hand soaps (such as auto shop hand soaps), shower and body gels, as well as in facial and foot scrubs. The low specific gravity and tiny air bubbles making the Pumice light weight, it tends to remain suspended depending on the viscosity of the product in which the Pumice is suspended. Heavier granules will settle, clump, require stirring/agitation, or even a last-minute sprinkle-in application, whihc is not preferred.
  • Polishing, Abrasive, and Exfoliating Applications - The friable pumice particles fracture and remain sharp-edged which render pumice ideal for finishing glass, metal, wood, leather, and plastics. It also makes an excellent tumbling media (i.e. small parts like buttons, textiles, stone-washed denim jeans.
  • Filtration Media - The vesicular strands structure filter impurities
  • Horticulture Industry - Vesicular strands hold air and water critical to the best soil. Used in potting medias, garden soils, and on sports turfs and golf greens.
  • Release Agent - very popular in gold leaf applications, used to prevent sticky of rubber and plastics to the molds
  • Spill Containment - due to the higlhy absorbent nature of Pumice from the vesicular strands it is like a mineral sponge. Absorbs and holds better than sawdust and clays.

Particle Size Specification Grade 0-1/2:
Micron (mm)
250 (0.25)
180 (0.18)
150 (0.15)
106 (0.106)
75 (0.075)
U.S. Mesh
Allowable Percentage Passing

Test method: ASTM C136-06

General Physical Properties:
  • Form: powder
  • pH: 7.2
  • Hardness (MOHS): 6
  • Softening Point: 900C
  • Specific Gravity: 2.4
  • Water Solubility: minimual, 0.15% water soluble substances
  • Reactivity: inert
  • Radioactivity: none
  • GE Brightness: 84
  • Loss on Ignition: 5%

Typical Chemical Analysis:
Silicon Dioxide
Aluminum Oxide
Ferric Oxide
Ferrous Oxide
Sodium Oxide
Potassium Oxide
Calcium Oxide
Titanium Oxide
Magnesium Oxide
Crystalline SiO2
None Detected*

*Except in the presence of Calcium Hydroxide or Hydrofluoric Acid.