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PUMICE - Grade:  0 - 1/2 - 8 LBS - Greener Life Club Box - FREE US SHIPPING
PUMICE - Grade:  0 - 1/2 - 8 LBS - Greener Life Club Box - FREE US SHIPPING

PUMICE - Grade: 0 - 1/2 - 8 LBS - Greener Life Club Box - FREE US SHIPPING

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Product Details


Botanical Name: Amorphous Aluminum Silicate (non-crystalline) or Volcanic Glass Country of Origin: USA Color: Gray - Off-White - White CAS #: 1332-09-8 Harmonized Code: 25131000 Length (inches): 10 Width (inches): 7 Height (inches): 6 Gross Weight (lb.): 8.25 Net Weight (lb.): 8 SDS/MSDS Link: Greener Life Products: Skin Safe: Yes

  • Chemically benign
  • Minimally processed
  • Low carbon footprint
  • All Pumice is not created equal. This Pumice is mined in an environmentally low-impact method and is naturally low in impurities.

    Naturally produced from quick-cooling silica-rich magma. The quick cooling of super hot magma creates a chemical chain of events that produces porous, froth-like volcanic glass, providing pumice with both aggregating and aerating qualities. It is gentle enough to add to skin and hair care products (for exfoliation) and abrasive enough to be used in leather and metal polishing and finishing products.

    Used in:

    • Heavy-duty soaps: to remove grease and other tough substances
    • Skincare and Cosmetic Products: for its gentle exfoliating properties and lightness
    • Polishing and Abrasive Formulations: for wood, glass, metal and leather finishes
    • Filtration and Horticulture Industries: as an aerating, draining and filtration agent perfect for conditioning soil.
    • Craftsmanship: as a release agent in gold leaf applications as well as mold release formulations.
    • Spill Containment: absorbs better than sawdust or clay.