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60 Pack of our amazing Greener Life Club Boxes  (Retail $171.47)
60 Pack of our amazing Greener Life Club Boxes  (Retail $171.47)

60 Pack of our amazing Greener Life Club Boxes (Retail $171.47)


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Product Details

SKU: GLCBOX-60PACK UPC: 810068070668 Uses: HOLIDAY SPECIAL FOR Lifetime Members as you check out you will be able add a free box of 16 GLC Boxes (and other gift items) to your order at no charge. Promote by packaging your products in this amazing container. Thanks for helping Essential Depot make the world a Greener place. Limited time Offer!

Country of Origin: France Color: Natural Polypropylene Harmonized Code: 39235090 (Lid) and 39231090 (pail) Length (inches): 31 Width (inches): 16 Height (inches): 15 Gross Weight (lb.): 28 Net Weight (lb.): 26

Greener Life Club Box - Box of 60 (Revolutionary Essential Depot)

    Food Grade
    Safety Seal
    Microwave Safe
    Freezer Safe
    Removable Handle
    Virtually indestructible.
    Stronger and more durable than most other containers.
    Virtually indestructible.

Main Benefits:

  • Color:  Natural
  • Fully Stackable .  Each bottom fits perfectly into the top of another.
  • Plastic.  Made from recycleable PP (polypropylene).
  • Temperature tolerance, -4°F (-20°C) to 180°F (82.22°C).
  • Will not deform during 180F sanitizing rinse.
  • Almost impossible to break, virtually indestructible.
  • Ergonomically designed for easy handling.
  • 6 locations for your label: lid/top, bottom, each side.