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REFILL Pack - Bath Bomb Making Kit (DECONSTRUCTED) - Basic
REFILL Pack - Bath Bomb Making Kit (DECONSTRUCTED) - Basic

REFILL Pack - Bath Bomb Making Kit (DECONSTRUCTED) - Basic

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Product Details

SKU: BBK-BB-BasicR UPC: 810068071245

Country of Origin: U.S.A. Length (inches): 10 Width (inches): 8 Height (inches): 6 Skin Safe: Yes

Shipped in Essential Depot's new Greener Life Club container made of polypropylene (PP) which is reuseable, resealable, with a dettachable/rettachable handle. RE-USE THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER AS YOUR MIXING BOWL or use this new container (or one of your own)!

No measuring required from bulk material.  Each ingredient is pre-measured for you separately, ready for you to combine to make 12 - 15 individual bath bombs.

Use this Kit to create approximately 12 - 15 bath bombs (oval, round, and square) from the contents of this Kit.  Each bath bomb will weigh approximately 3 oz while wet.  The number of bath bombs is dependent upon the height/density of your finished product and any other ingredients you choose to add.

No silicone soap molds, spatula, mixing bowl, or apron comes with this Refill Kit.  Re-Use the molds, mixing bowl, spatula, apron (if you did not dispose of it), and GLC container in the original Kit.

You may add extras of your choice, such as:
  • Epsom Salt
  • Oat Powder
  • a Milk Powder
  • Butters
  • or whatever you (or your customer) fancy.

You may add whatever moisture you prefer, such as:
  • plain water
  • alcohol (but can be drying, hence, the reason Essential Depot porvides Witch Hazel which is a natural astringent
  • oil (olive, almond, apricot, avocado, etc...) however Essential Depot's testing reveals that the bombs do not actually fuse as well with an oil
  • Jojoba (not actually an oil, but the same issue as for oils is Essential Depot's testing experience
  • or whatever you (or your customer) fancy.

Designed for educators in classrooms as young as elementary school, this kit is also perfect as an activity and entertainment aid as well as for gift giving.  As an educational craft kit, use this kit to demonstrate through a hands-on involvement how to make those popular, and expensive, bath bombs.  Recently, however, not only educators use this kit, but it is also used in home school based projects, summer camp activities, as a senior hands-on crafting activity, and just pure family fun as well as fabulous gifts.

Follow instructions for the original kit.


  • 7 molds from the original kit.
  • 2 oz spray bottle (but don't worry if you disposed of it, any spray top bottle will suffice, you can even use a non-spray top bottle, but remember that addition of the moisture MUST be controlled.
  • Space to lay out the bath bombs for drying.
  • NOTHING! if you use the container as your mixing bowl.

Additional safety items not included in the kit that you will need are:

  • NONE !

Reminder on how to care for your SOAP MOLDS:
  • Wash prior to first use with warm soap water. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and towel dry completely.  Repeat after each use.
  • Dishwasher safe.  However, looks best if hand-washed in warm soapy water, rinsed with cold water and completely dried.
  • ALWAYS finish with a cold water rinse and fully dry (leaving no water residue).
  • Use Life:  Thousands of uses.