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The R.E.D. Bath Bomb Press with 5 Bath Bomb Diamond Mold, Pushers and Pucks
The R.E.D. Bath Bomb Press with 5 Bath Bomb Diamond Mold, Pushers and Pucks

The R.E.D. Bath Bomb Press with 5 Bath Bomb Diamond Mold, Pushers and Pucks

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"The R.E.D. (Revolutionary Essential Depot) Press" Bath Bomb, Melt and Pour, Multipurpose Materials Press. "PATENT PENDING"

"DIAMOND is the new ROUND!"

Service Mark of Essential Depot, Inc. All rights reserved 2020, 2021, 2022.                                                                                                                                   

You can purchase the RED Press with an installment plan on Paypal, it will pay for iteself. Make 5 Diamond Shaped Bath Bombs with the "Press of the Button".

Prior to use please watch the instructional videos below.

Essential Depot's R.E.D. Press comes with a 2-year, no-questions-asked replacement warranty. Merely return in the original packaging (or in packaging sufficient to avoid damage during transit).

We recommend the CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS CAT-1P1060SP GAL 56DB Air Compressor set to 100 PSI to drive the press - CLICK HERE TO ORDER ON AMAZON

Included when you order the RED Press from Essential Depot:
  • The R.E.D. Press
  • Diamond Bath Bomb Mold Set (Makes 5 Diamond Shaped Bath Bombs at the same time) (Mold + 5 thin Pucks + 5 thick Pucks)
  • Pusher - long
  • Pusher - short


    The R.E.D. Press:
  • Pneumatic Press - closed system, no maintenance, no fluids required.
  • Compresses the bath bomb using 750 PSI
  • NSF Stainless Steel.
  • Portable as well as Transportable - no batteries, not regulated for transportation, ship in your checked luggage.
  • The R.E.D. Press Safety Feature: "Hold" and "Release" buttons requiring both hands of the operator to prevent injury.
  • The R.E.D. Press is washable (no dishwasher and do not submerse). Spray off with water or use any MILD cleaner.
  • If cleaned frequently then place a couple of drops of mineral oil on the top of the cylinder where you can see the (2) rods moving up and down. This will maintain lubrication of the rods.
  • Air Compressor setting MUST be 100 PSI. Note: AIR COMPRESSOR NOT INCLUDED. Order recommended Compressor on Amazon => CLICK HERE
  • Assure the air coming into the compressor is dry (no moisture).
  • Air Hose Coupler information (although it is standard some basic information may be needed for other or international sales) stated in standard inches measurements:
    • Country of Origin: U.S.A.
    • Industrial
    • Quick-Disconnect
    • Shape: Straight
    • Coupling Size: 1/4 (industry desgnation)
    • Flow Control: Open
    • Zinc-Plated Steel Plug
    • Male End
    • Plug/Nipple Tip:
      • Length: 3/16
      • Diameter: 5/16
    • Pipe Connection:
      • Style: Threaded (1/4" NPTF, 18 threads per inch, 0.40" Engagement)
      • Gender: Male
    • Temperature Range: -40° to 225° F
    • Maximum Pressure: 300 psi @ 72° F

    Molds, Pucks, Pushers:
  • NSF
  • HDPE
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Able to withstand a 180 degree sanitizing rinse.
  • Custom molds or additional molds ordered separately.
  • Custom pucks for unique (or your brand/logo) also available by separate order.