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Titanium Dioxide Powder 10 oz nt wt
Titanium Dioxide Powder 10 oz nt wt

Titanium Dioxide Powder 10 oz nt wt

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Product Details

SKU: TIO2-10OZ-POT UPC: 812841024028

Country of Origin: Canada Volume: 10 oz net wt Extraction Method: rutile pigment produced by the sulphate process Color: White CAS #: 13463-67-7 Harmonized Code: 32061110 Length (inches): 4 Width (inches): 4 Height (inches): 4 Gross Weight (lb.): .90 Net Weight (lb.): .63

TITANIUM DIOXIDE Most often used as a pigment to whiten or brighten by combining the high scattering power in the visible region of the UV spectrum with a high refractive index. In fact, it is the most important pigment in the coatings industry.


TiO2 CONTENT: >99%

PROCESS: a rutile pigment produced by the sulphate process, not an anatase

SOLUBILITY: insoluble

FORM: powder, non-Nano size particles 99.5% or greater through 325 mesh. Not so small that it can be absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin as happens with particles less than Nano-sized. Do not settle for the usual "micro" sized powder from another supplier, "micro" does not mean Nano.






FOOD PREPARATIONS: Used to color food white such as coffee creamer, toothpaste, candies, pastries, cakes, chocolates, cake decorations, etc.

COSMETIC and PHARMACEUTICAL APPLICATIONS: Natural colorant and filler for cosmetics, soap making, lotions, medical creams, sunscreens, lip balms, and other coatings to block UV rays.

INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS: Used in paints, printing inks, paper, textiles, man-made fibers, plastic, glass, ceramics, coatings (powder, UV, coil, can, marine, automotive, or decorative.), and vitreous enamels. May be formulated for tints with minimal thinness to highly opaque and bright whites.

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