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The R.E.D. Bath Bomb Press OPTION to purchase (REFUNDABLE)
The R.E.D. Bath Bomb Press OPTION to purchase (REFUNDABLE)

The R.E.D. Bath Bomb Press OPTION to purchase (REFUNDABLE)

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OPTION is only available to Greener Life Club Members.
OPTION is only available in LIMITED QUANTITY and for a LIMITED TIME.

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"DIAMOND is the new ROUND!"

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Purchase The R.E.D. Press with an installment plan on Paypal. It will pay for itself when you are able to make 5 times the bath bombs with the "Press of a single Button" in the same time you able to make 1 bath bomb.

Watch the instructional videos below prior to first use.

WARRANTY:  2-year, no-questions-asked replacement warranty.  Merely return in the original packaging (or in packaging sufficient to protect from damage during transit).

It is recommended to use the CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS CAT-1P1060SP GAL 56DB Air Compressor set to 100 PSI to drive the press - CLICK HERE TO ORDER ON AMAZON.

Use The R.E.D. Press to create 5 diamond-shaped bath bombs at once. Each Bath Bomb will weigh between 2 oz and 8 oz. dependent upon the height/density of your finished product PLUS any other ingredients you choose to to add.

Included when you order the RED Press from Essential Depot:
  • The R.E.D. Press
  • Diamond Bath Bomb Mold Set (Makes 5 Diamond Shaped Bath Bombs at the same time) (Mold + 5 thin Pucks + 5 thick Pucks)
  • Pusher - long
  • Pusher - short


    The R.E.D. Press:
  • Pneumatic Press - closed system, no maintenance, no fluids required.
  • Compresses the bath bomb using 750 PSI
  • NSF Stainless Steel.
  • Portable as well as Transportable - no batteries, not regulated for transportation, ship in your checked luggage.
  • The R.E.D. Press Safety Feature: "Hold" and "Release" buttons requiring both hands of the operator to prevent injury.
  • The R.E.D. Press is washable (no dishwasher and do not submerse). Spray off with water or use any MILD cleaner.
  • If cleaned frequently then place a couple of drops of mineral oil on the top of the cylinder where you can see the (2) rods moving up and down. This will maintain lubrication of the rods.
  • Air Compressor setting MUST be 100 PSI. Note: AIR COMPRESSOR NOT INCLUDED. Order recommended Compressor on Amazon => CLICK HERE
  • Assure the air coming into the compressor is dry (no moisture).
  • Air Hose Coupler information (although it is standard some basic information may be needed for other or international sales) stated in standard inches measurements:
    • Country of Origin: U.S.A.
    • Industrial
    • Quick-Disconnect
    • Shape: Straight
    • Coupling Size: 1/4 (industry desgnation)
    • Flow Control: Open
    • Zinc-Plated Steel Plug
    • Male End
    • Plug/Nipple Tip:
      • Length: 3/16
      • Diameter: 5/16
    • Pipe Connection:
      • Style: Threaded (1/4" NPTF, 18 threads per inch, 0.40" Engagement)
      • Gender: Male
    • Temperature Range: -40° to 225° F
    • Maximum Pressure: 300 psi @ 72° F

    Molds, Pucks, Pushers:
  • NSF
  • HDPE
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Able to withstand a 180 degree sanitizing rinse.
  • Custom molds or additional molds ordered separately.
  • Custom pucks for unique (or your brand/logo) also available by separate order.