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2nd Generation Stackable Soap Drying Tray Dolly - 2 pack of Dolly Trays (BOTH WITH WHEELS) - SALE ITEM
2nd Generation Stackable Soap Drying Tray Dolly - 2 pack of Dolly Trays (BOTH WITH WHEELS) - SALE ITEM

2nd Generation Stackable Soap Drying Tray Dolly - 2 pack of Dolly Trays (BOTH WITH WHEELS) - SALE ITEM

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Product Details

SKU: RED-DRYING-DOLLY-2PACK UPC: 812841028163 Uses: Stackable Drying Trays for Soaps

Harmonized Code: 3301250020 Length (inches): 16 Width (inches): 31 Height (inches): 15 Gross Weight (lb.): 30 Net Weight (lb.): 26 lbs 4 oz

Soap Drying Tray Dolly - Stackable - 2 Pack (with wheels)    

Perfect for the bottom tier in your stacking Soap Drying Trays. This dolly ships to you completely assembled with four (4) swiveling casters.  Now you can continue to move your fully loaded trays with a minimum of effort and NO SPILLAGE on to the floor below.  Extra trays and Green trays, as always, stack on top and lock into place, allowing you the ultimate space saving tool for drying up to 100+ bars per tray.

R.E.D. 2nd Generation Soap Drying Trays
(Revolutionary Essential Depot)
NSF - Food Grade - Bakery Safe
The "Ultimate" and virtually indestructable.
Stronger and much more durable than our Green 1st Generation Trays.
Extended Warranty:  3 years on the new 2nd Generation Soap Drying Trays.
Green 1st Generation trays can be stacked on top of the 2nd Generation Trays.

SAVE: time, cost, production, labor, risk of damage to your product, etc.... etc....

Main Benefits:

  • Color:  White
  • Fully Stackable Trays.  There is no need for expensive, space consuming racks.
  • Plastic.  Made from a fractional melt of 0.5 extrusion grade material that is (others report) impossible to mold, particularly from a single sprue.  This specialized material is then coupled with customized and unique designed equipment.  The tray mold is not "packed".  A "foam core process" is utilized, not to be confused with "structure foam molding".  The combination of these chemicals, processes, and equipment deliver a tray that is impact resistant, almost impossible to break, and a much improved bonding at knit point (NO CRACKS!).
  • NSF Certified. NSF.Org certified our 2nd Generation Tray so it can be used in bakeries and other food processing facilities.
  • Non-pourous and impervious to stains and odors. Will not absorb the color or odors from your product and, therefore, can not pass that color or odor to your next product.
  • Broad temperature tolerance, -40°F (-40°C) to 197°F (97°C).
  • Will not bow in during 180F sanitizing rinse.
  • Reformulated plastic recipe to be stronger as well as more flexible with a memory. It is nearly impossible to break this tray.
  • Heavy duty, long life construction.
  • Flexible, exceptional dimensional stability.
  • Memory, always returns to its original form subsequent to flexing.
  • Almost impossible to break, virtually indestructible.
  • 3 year warranty instead of 1 year warranty on Green 1st Generation Tray.
  • Labor savings and production time reduction features by racking your product.  The lack of manual rotation of a product is important for fine/delicate or decorated products that may be damaged during the manual rotation process.  Merely rotate the dolly.
  • Cut production time up to 25% or more!
  • Ergonomically designed for easy handling and reach capability.
  • 4 TPR (ThermoPlastic Rubber) 3" by 1" swivel casters with weight allowances of 180 lbs per caster on the tray with wheels.  That means a total of 720 lbs!
Tips on Usage:


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