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Olive Oil - Pomace Grade - 1 Gallon - Food Grade - No Additives
Olive Oil - Pomace Grade - 1 Gallon - Food Grade - No Additives

Olive Oil - Pomace Grade - 1 Gallon - Food Grade - No Additives

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SKU: OLOILP-1-GAL UPC: 892647002260

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Pomace Grade Olive Oil - Finest Quality - Food Grade - 1 Gallon - 7lbs 9oz - Shipped in High Quality HDPE Gallon Safety Sealed Container.

Finest Quality for culinary use, as well as an ingredient in soapmaking and skin care products.  Makes mild, moderately hard bars of soap.  A high level of unsaponifiables (portions of the oil that don't react with the lye to form soap) in Pomace gives a faster trace. 

Used especially for soap or other products where a low-odor oil is desired. Guaranteed unadulterated 100% Olive Oil.

Latin Name: olea europaea

Aromatherapy Uses: Calming, demulcent and emollient and can be used pure or in blends for burns, sprains, bruises, insect bites, to relieve itchy skin, and to massage the gums of those suffering from pyorrhoea.