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Essential Depot Walking Stick
Essential Depot Walking Stick

Essential Depot Walking Stick

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Country of Origin: USA Harmonized Code: 6602000000 Net Weight (lb.): 1 C.O.A. / G.C. Link: Ayurvedic Blog: Essential Oil Blog: Greener Life Products:

Essential Depot Walking Stick

For all our customers that have not been able to visit with us at our Wine Soap Bar, or at the many soaping shows we attend; and pick up one of our "Famous Walking Sticks". By popular demand we are now offering them on our website. These sticks are hand made in the USA, and will last a lifetime.

On the left (top) is our "Greener Life Essentials" Saturday morning Warehouse Crew! with our Walking Sticks, Electric Transit Connect Delivery Van and Electric Trike.

On the left (bottom) is a video created by Kimberly Mcnutt (one of our 700 plus affiliates) at the 2013 Alabama Soaper's Show. In it she finds out all about our Walking Sticks from Dave.

Add one to you order or order separately. They weigh approx 2.5 lbs and we ship them in a custom made heavy duty cardboard tube. We rate them at at only 1 lb to save you on shipping. Enjoy the Greener Life and go hiking with one! From your friends at Essential Depot.