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90 Balm Tube Tray (HDPE) - 100 Balm Tubes & Caps (HDPE) - 100 Seal Sleeves (PP) - Scraper (PP)
90 Balm Tube Tray (HDPE) - 100 Balm Tubes & Caps (HDPE) - 100 Seal Sleeves (PP) - Scraper (PP)

90 Balm Tube Tray (HDPE) - 100 Balm Tubes & Caps (HDPE) - 100 Seal Sleeves (PP) - Scraper (PP)

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SKU: BALM-TRAY-KIT-90 UPC: 892647002390

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90 Balm Tube Tray - 100 Balm Tubes & Caps - 100 Seal Sleeves - Scraper - HDPP - NSF - BPA Free - Temperature Resistance (hot and cold) - dishwasher and freezer safe

  • enhanced stain resistance: resists acids, solvents, and other oils
  • higher temperature tolerance: 215F vs 185F, 215F for maximum sanitation and sterilization
  • dishwasher safe: inlcuding high heat commercial dishwashers
  • high temperature tolerance: assist in the prevention of warping
  • freezer resistance: can use in freezer or cold storage without degradation to the life of the tray
  • cross hatch textured: beads liquids, adds tactile sensation, more easily gripped



  • HEIGHT (with cap): 2.625" (66.675 mm)
  • HEIGHT (without cap): 2.375" (60.325 mm)
  • DIAMETER: 0.625" (15.875 mm)
  • CONTENTS VOLUME: .15 oz (4.44 ml)


  • HEIGHT: 25.5 mm
  • FLOOD DEPTH: 13 mm
  • WIDTH: 457 mm
  • DEPTH: 303 mm
  • HOLE DIAMETER: 15 mm


  • Uncap tubes.
  • Prior to insertion of the tubes into the tray, please assure that the inner plunger of each balm tube is fully down to prevent any leakage during filling. You do this by merely twisting knob on bottom until it is tight.
  • Fully and firmly insert tubes. Merely rotate the tube as you insert and push in until it clicks to prevent leakage, it is a tight fit so you may need to twist and push firmly.
  • Assure that the top of each tube is flush with the tray.
  • You should hear a slight sound when tube slides into place.
  • Pour your liquid mixture into the tray/tubes.
  • Use the scraper to spread evenly over the tubes.
  • Once solidified and cooled, then again use the scraper to scrape the excess off the top.
  • Remove the filled tubes.
  • Cap each tube.
  • Apply your label.
  • Apply safety ring and seal with heat gun.


  • 1 white flood tray
  • 1 red plastic scraper
  • 165 balm tubes with caps, natural color (not clear but contents visible) (additional tubes/caps available for purchase)
  • 165 plastic seal sleeves (additional available for purchase)