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BAKING SODA - SODIUM BICARBONATE - 50 lbs net wt in manufacturer bag - Minimum 99% Bicarbonate (NaHCO3)
BAKING SODA - SODIUM BICARBONATE - 50 lbs net wt in manufacturer bag - Minimum 99% Bicarbonate (NaHCO3)

BAKING SODA - SODIUM BICARBONATE - 50 lbs net wt in manufacturer bag - Minimum 99% Bicarbonate (NaHCO3)

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Product Details


Country of Origin: USA Color: White CAS #: 144-55-8 Harmonized Code: 283620 Length (inches): 13 Width (inches): 15 Height (inches): 7 Gross Weight (lb.): 52 Net Weight (lb.): 50 Greener Life Products: Skin Safe: Yes Kosher: Yes

BAKING SODA - SODIUM BICARBONATE - 50 lbs - Minimum 99% Bicarbonate (NaHCO3)

Shipped in the unopened manufacturer's bag inside a custom corrugated box.

SODIUM BICARBONATE - also known as BAKING SODA, VICHY SALT, SODIUM HYDROCARBONATE, ACID MONOSODIUM SALT, SODIUM ACID CARBONATE, and NaHCO3. Manufactured using sea salt, ammonia, and carbonic acid. Also found in nature, it is biodegradable and environment friendly. Commonly referred to as a "buffer" because if stabilises a solutions' pH level at around 8.1. This characteristic is why Sodium Bicarbonate is such a common ingredient in many applications to diminish acidity, prevent corrosion, and neutralise acidic substances (for instance the venom of insects such as mosquitoes). Water's hardness is determined by the quantity of calcium and magnesium ions present and can easily be tested by its capacity to rinse soap and cook vegetables. Lime deposits are avoided when Sodium Bicarbonate is dissolved in the water, then the calcium ions do not separate into lime (calcium carbonate) which reduces the use of soap and detergent. Neutralizes and absorbs odors rather than masking an odor.

APPEARANCE: crystalline, powder


TASTE: slight alkaline taste


  • 45 micron (average 73% retained (min 60%, max 100%) when passed through a 325 mesh)
  • 75 micron (average 36% retained (min 20%, max 45%) when passed through a 200 mesh)
  • 150 micron (average 0.3% retained (min 0%, max 2%) when passed through a 100 mesh)


ODOR: none, odorless

pH: 8.4 (ca.8.4 g/L) (77F/25C) and 8.6 (ca.52 g/L), pKa: 6.3 (therefore, a realatively weak acid)


BICARBONATE (NaHCO3): Minimum 99% Bicarbonate (NaHCO3), average of >99%

MELTING POINT: decomposes on heating beginning at >122F/50C

FLAMMABILITY: non-flammable

SOLUBILITY: insoluble in Alcohol, soluble in water:

  • 69 g/L (32F/0C),
  • 93 g/L (68F/20C)
  • 165 g/L (140F/60C)

DENSITY: 2.21 kg/dm3 (Bulk is 0.5-1.3 kg/dm3)





FOOD PREPARATIONS: leavening agent, acidic/base odor control, slightly abrasive dissolving prior to surface damage, assists the elimination of impurities when washing fruit/vegetables, heightens vegetable colors, tenderizes meats, neutralizes tomato acidity, cheese making (less rennet needed), buffering agent in energy drinks, helps maintain firmness of canned fruit/vegetables, corrects mineral deficiencies in the water used to ensure uniform taste in beverages.

GLUTEN FREE FOOD PREPARATIONS: leavening agent, acid/pH control.

COSMETIC APPLICATIONS: bath bombs, scrubs, pastes, foaming agent, effervescent powders/tablets, ddor control, delicate yet slightly abrasive dissolving prior to surface damage, make a paste and apply to soften and eliminate calluses, dissolve in warm bath water to soften skin and helps to gently remove dead skin.

CLEANING: detergents, foaming agent, blasting agent, environmental protection, effervescent powders/tablets, odor control, delicate yet slightly abrasive dissolving prior to surface damage.

INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS: detergents, water treatment, foaming agent, tanning agent, blasting agent, environmental protection, flue gas purification, chemical industry, pulp/paper/paper products manufacture, effervescent powders/tablets, odor control, delicate yet slightly abrasive dissolving prior to surface damage.

SHELF LIFE and USE BY INFORMATION: Sodium Bicarbonate, like salt (sodium chloride), can lose some of its potency over a period of time, especially if exposed to air as it absorbs the moisture in the air decreasing potency and changing the weight. This product is stable for a significant period of time unless exposed to heat or air. When used in cosmetic, industrial, cleaning, and food applications, it is potent and stable for a considerable period of time, unless exposed to air and moisture such as in a laundry area.

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