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Witch Hazel - 99.83% - 99.87% - 128 fl oz (3.78 L) - 8.5 lbs net wt (3.86 kg) - Distillate - Extract - Alcohol Free
Witch Hazel - 99.83% - 99.87% - 128 fl oz (3.78 L) - 8.5 lbs net wt (3.86 kg) - Distillate - Extract - Alcohol Free

Witch Hazel - 99.83% - 99.87% - 128 fl oz (3.78 L) - 8.5 lbs net wt (3.86 kg) - Distillate - Extract - Alcohol Free

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Product Details


Botanical Name: Hammamelis Virginiana Tree/Shrub Country of Origin: USA Volume: 1 gallon Extraction Method: Distillation Color: Clear CAS #: 84696-19-5 Flash Point (°C): >200F Length (inches): 6 Width (inches): 6 Height (inches): 12 Net Weight (lb.): 8.5 Skin Safe: Yes

WITCH HAZEL is also known as a distillate or extract and can be offered in water or alcohol. It is actually a botanical extract, like hydrosol. This distillate offers a variety of benefits for skin and personal care applications.

Shipped to you in a safety sealed HDPE container with a resealable cap.

ALCOHOL FREE: Particularly advantageous for applications that require soothing natural astringent properties or where the use of alcohol is not appropriate. Such formulations may include those with constraints in:

      • Processing parameters: high surfactant, multi-phase, or high temperature products
      • Product performance: foaming products, body washes, mousses, creams
      • Marketing claims: alcohol free, sting free, and sensitive skin formulations

USES of this tried-and-true botanical extract:

      • anti-irritant products for sun care
      • anti-irritant products for wound care
      • children's sting free products
      • when skin sensitization is an issue
      • fight against breakouts of acne, pimples, and blemishes, cleanses and unclogs the pores
      • anti-irritant for insect bites
      • anti-irritant for minor skin irritations such as: cuts, scrapes, abrasions, or inflamed skin
      • anti-irritant for itchy spots and rashes
      • beauty ingredient (toners, cleansing, scrubs, etc...)

APPEARANCE: clear, colorless, thin liquid

ODOR: characteristic

BOTANICAL NAME: Hamamelis Virginiana Linn

PLANT PART: recently cut and partially dried dormant twigs

SOLUBILITY: in water

PROPERTIES Witch Hazel will bring to your product:

      • Non-drying, unlike alcohol
      • Non-irritating
      • Soothing
      • Astringent
      • Cooling
      • Cleanse
      • Refreshing

COSMETIC APPLICATIONS: Sensitive Skin Formulations: Eye Creams/Gels/Serums, Shaving Creams, Alcohol Free Formulations: Toners and Cleansers, Treatment Products: Wound Care, Sun Care and Eye Care

STORAGE: Store in cool, dry, ventilated location. Keep container closed. Recommended to store in the shipping container to protect the product from air/light/heat, to keep the product fresh, and to maintain the maximum shelf life. Do not store with oxidizing materials, aluminum, zinc, copper, or their alloys. Iron will cause discoloration. Releases unburden hydrocarbons at elevated temperatures. If you re-containerize then use only stainless steel, polyethylene, or glass.

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