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Palm Oil - 1 Quart - Free 5 oz. Lye
Palm Oil - 1 Quart - Free 5 oz. Lye

Palm Oil - 1 Quart - Free 5 oz. Lye

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Free 5oz. Bottle of Lye?:

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SKU: PALM-QUART UPC: 892647002604

Country of Origin: Malaysia SAP value (KOH): 0.203 SAP value (NaOH): 0.144 Harmonized Code: 15119000 Net Weight (lb.): 2.5

Finest Quality Palm oil for Soap Making - 1 Quart Shipped in High Quality HDPE Gallon Safety Sealed Container.

Latin Name: elaeis guinnesis

Palm oil makes a nice hard bar when used in combination with other oils such as coconut and olive oil. It is less water soluble and resists melting; it saponifies easily and pulls other oils into saponification quicker. It is also known as vegetable tallow and adds firmness to bar soaps, giving a pale white-yellow color. Palm oil will speed up the soapmaking process. Because the palm oil mixture is more reactive, you must add the essential oils and the nutrients swiftly or the soap will begin to set prematurely.

SPECIAL PROMOTION: With every Quart Bottle of Vegetable Oil you add to your cart, you can opt to receive a FREE 5 oz. BOTTLE OF FOOD GRADE LYE. This is sufficient Lye to be able to make the best quality soap from every quart of oil you purchase; and there are no extra shipping charges for the Lye.

This is the 5 oz. bottle of Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) you will receive with every quart of oil you order, if you take advantage of this offer (High quality HDPE bottle with a child resistant resealable screw on cap) :

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Posted by Essential Depot on Sunday, May 3, 2015