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Argan Oil - 2 oz.
Argan Oil - 2 oz.

Argan Oil - 2 oz.

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SKU: EOIL-ARGAN-2OZ UPC: 892647002680 Uses: Therapeutic Grade for use in aromatherapy, soap and cosmetic making. Not for internal use.

Country of Origin: Morocco Flash Point (°C): 100 Harmonized Code: 1515908090 Gross Weight (lb.): 0.5 Net Weight (lb.): 2 MSDS Link: - Argan Oil.pdf C.O.A. / G.C. Link: Blog/Forum Link: Blog/Forum Link 2:

Argan Oil - 2 oz. - Finest Quality Pure Argan Oil - In handy 2 oz. HDPE Bottle with white secure flip top cap.

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Our 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil has no additives and no preservatives.

The Argan Tree, Argania spinosa from Sapotaceae family and grows only in Morocco. The trees can live from 150-200 years. For centuries traditional cosmetic products produced from Argania spinosa have been a well kept secret known only to Berber women in Morocco and used to protect skin, hair and nails from the harsh, dry weather conditions.

Argan oil is believed to be one of the rarest oils in the world. To produce Argan oil for cosmetic use, freshly harvested kernels from the fruit of the Argan tree are pressed and filtered through an organic cotton sieve, to extract the aromatic oil.
The Argan oil is easily absorbed by the skin. This form of Argan oil is used for the treatment of dermatologic disease (acne, etc). Argan oil extracted by this method is used in Aromatherapy.

In Europe, Argan oil has been used in the Aromatherapy industry for a long time, but for some reason it is not well known in the United States.

Argan oil has almost twice as much vitamin E or a-tocopherol as olive oil and it is much richer in linoleic acids. Its anti-ageing properties, due to high levels of vitamin E and saponins (which soften the skin), are well documented.

Tocopherols are very important to human health because of their anti-oxidant actions and free radical scavenger affects. In traditional Moroccan medicine, Argan oil is used for the care of the body and face to counteract the effects of age or weather.

Argan Oil is a rare nut oil, made from the kernels of the Argan Tree, native to Morocco.

Argan Oil is easily absorbed by hair, skin and nails.

Argan Oil is suitable for dry skin, and it's been traditionally used for skin problems, including eczema and psoriasis.

Argan Oil is also great for hair, especially dry or damaged hair.