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Cocoa Butter STAR 3.5oz. net wt Plus 1750mg CBD Isolate - USA Hemp Derived - No THC - Independently GCMS Tested
Cocoa Butter STAR 3.5oz. net wt Plus 1750mg CBD Isolate - USA Hemp Derived - No THC - Independently GCMS Tested

Cocoa Butter STAR 3.5oz. net wt Plus 1750mg CBD Isolate - USA Hemp Derived - No THC - Independently GCMS Tested

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Product Details

SKU: COCOABUTTER-STAR-ED-PLUS-CBD-1750MG UPC: 812841028934 Uses: Soap, Cosmetic, Massage Lotion, Skin Care Product additive and/or great stand alone product. DO NOT MAKE ANY MEDICAL CLAIMS ABOUT THE PRODUCTS YOU MAKE!. Essential Depot carries full product liability insurance for the topical use all of its CBD products. We do not sell CBD products for internal use. Essential Depot strongly recommends you check with your credit card processor prior to selling products containing CBD; make sure they are ok with you selling products with Hemp Derived CBD in.

SAP value (KOH): 0.192 SAP value (NaOH): 0.136 Length (inches): 4 Width (inches): 4 Height (inches): 1.25 Gross Weight (lb.): .3 Net Weight (lb.): 0.2188 SDS/MSDS Link: C.O.A. / G.C. Link: Ayurvedic Blog: Essential Oil Blog: Greener Life Products:

  • Shipped in a sealed poly bag.
  • Volume: 3.5 oz net wt
  • 1750mg CBD Isolate per star (500mg/oz)
  • USA Hemp-Derived
  • No THC (see the GC/MS), THC-Free
  • Independently GCMS Tested, every batch
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Soluble in fats and oils. Insoluble in water.
  • Emulsifiable: can use to make an emulsion.
  • Odor: characteristic Cocoa Butter odor.
  • NOTE: Actual product color may vary from the product image because the Isolate's chemical properties change the color of the base oil.
  • The time-consuming and fragile process of melting the CBD has already been done for you.
  • The mathematical calculation is done for you.
  • Easy to use, simply add as your ingredient.

Cocoa Butter is very firm and hard when solid rendering it hard to measure and use in a recipe. Merely warm the product (preferrably in a bain marie - a hot water bath - or in the microwave or any other manner you desire). BUT, when you heat it, do not cook it or over-heat it, merely melt. If you cook it or over-heat it then you will diminish the beneficial qualities of the Cocoa Butter. This unique R.E.D. star-shape provides points that are easy to cut/chip off as well as acting as a handle for stability in safe holding.

  • Unrefined
  • No Additives
  • No Solvents
  • Not Deodorized
  • All Natural
  • Always Fresh
  • Roasted
  • Cold Pressed
  • Chocolate aroma
  • Organic
  • May be filtered or centrifuged to remove plant bits

Cocoa Butter is the fat which is obtained by pressing of the cocoa nib or cocoa mass obtained from the cocoa beans. Used in balms, lotions, creams, and soaps because of the softening and skin-healing properties. Most lip balms and massage butters require cocoa butter for firmness. The perfect oil for massaging daily into fast-growing pregnant bellies to prevent stretch marks from developing.


  • HEIGHT: 0.88" (22 mm)
  • DIAMETER: 3.25" (59.69 mm)
  • VOLUME: 3.5 oz net weight minimum (99 ml)

Essential Depot's goal is to help you grow your business with amazing product ingredient(s). The addition of US grown hemp-derived CBD isolate to your products will give you the potential to turn your product into amazing and very profitable offerings.

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