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Cocoa Butter Novas - 4 lbs - Greener Life Club Box
Cocoa Butter Novas - 4 lbs - Greener Life Club Box

Cocoa Butter Novas - 4 lbs - Greener Life Club Box

Sorry out of stock - Covid or Severe Weather Product Shortage - Will be back in stock soon!

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Product Details

SKU: COCOA-BUTTER-NOVAS-4LBS-PAIL UPC: 810068070620 Uses: Soapmaking, bath & skin care products.Amazing Greener Life Products - CLICK HERE

Country of Origin: Ghana, Africa Extraction Method: Roasted and Cold Pressed SAP value (KOH): 0.193 SAP value (NaOH): 0.136 Harmonized Code: 18040000 Length (inches): 10 Width (inches): 7 Height (inches): 6 Gross Weight (lb.): 5 Net Weight (lb.): 4 Data/Spec Sheet Link: Ayurvedic Blog: Essential Oil Blog: Greener Life Products: Organic: Yes

Cocoa Butter Novas - 4 lbs - Greener Life Club Box

Shipped in the new Greener Life Club Box: A freezer-safe, microwave safe, safety-sealed, PP container (pail) with a resealable lid and removeable handle.

INTRODUCING our new and revolutionary R.E.D. Cocoa Butter "NOVAs". R.E.D. not because the chips are red in color, but because it is another Revolutionary Essential Depot product.

Cocoa Butter is very firm and hard when solid rendering it hard to measure and use in a recipe. We have remedied that problem for you! This product is not only solid, but it is solid in the form of thin - medium thinkness stars, star points and fragments. This is our same wonderful Cocoa Butter that we have always sold but merely is a more convenient form.

Shipped in a freezer-safe, microwave-safe, safety-sealed, PP container (pail) with a resealable lid and removeable handle.

  • Unrefined
  • No Additives
  • No Solvents
  • Not Deodorized
  • All Natural
  • Always Fresh
  • Roasted
  • Cold Pressed
  • Chocolate aroma
  • Organic
  • May be filtered or centrifuged to remove plant bits

Cocoa Butter is the fat which is obtained by pressing of the cocoa nib or cocoa mass obtained from the cocoa beans. Used in balms, lotions, creams, and soaps because of the softening and skin-healing properties. Most lip balms and massage butters require cocoa butter for firmness. The perfect oil for massaging daily into fast-growing pregnant bellies to prevent stretch marks from developing.

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