Zinc Oxide Powder 1 lb.
Zinc Oxide Powder 1 lb.

Zinc Oxide Powder 1 lb.

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Zinc Oxide Powder - 1 lb - (1 lb in Quality Heat Sealed Resealable Zip Lock Pouch).

The powder is pure white and made up of nano + 20%, sized particles (a white fluffy powder like flour).

Essential Depots Zinc oxide does not contain nano particles (defined as particles less than 100nm).

Essential Depot particle size ranges from 108nm to 132nm. With an average particle size of 120nm.

Essential Depot specifically selected its Zinc Oxide to have the ideal particle (uncoated) for sunscreen (Lowest whitening effects while still being safe).

This size particle is perfect for sunscreen. It is not so small that is can be absorbed into the bloodstream, but small enough to turn transparent after sunscreen application. Don't settle for the usual micro sized zinc oxide powder from another supplier.

Our Zinc Oxide Powder is a French Process zinc oxide as defined by ASTM D-4295. It is a very fine particle size, high purity oxide. It was especially developed to provide a zinc oxide of highest surface area and reactivity, along with minimum setting and opacity. It is designed to make the best possible creams, lotions and sunscreens.

Natural colorant and filler for cosmetics, soap
making, lotions, medical creams, sunscreens,
lip balms, and other coatings to block UV rays.


Please make sure you review our Certificate of Analysis and MSDS (Safety Info) at EssentialDepot.Com/MSDS/zincoxide.pdf