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Starter Soap Kit with RED Natural Silicone Mold
Starter Soap Kit with RED Natural Silicone Mold

Starter Soap Kit with RED Natural Silicone Mold

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Added to RED (Revolutionary Essential Depot) line on 4/11/2014:

RED Starter Soap Kit with Natural Silicone Mold - Includes Soap Mold and ingredients to make a complete loaf of soap (PLEASE NOTE: Our Stackable Stainless Steel Basket can be added as an option when you order).

Essential Depot's Soapmaking Starter Kit is specifically designed to start people on the road to making their own soap and cosmetics. Use the kit to take the first step, by making a terrific loaf (that can be cut into 11 x 1 inch bars) of lavender natural soap. If you are an educator, use the kit to give a starter soap making class.


Included in the kit:


- Printed instructions

- 5 ounces of lye (sodium hydroxide)

- 1 ounce of pure lavender essential oil

- 8 ounces of coconut oil

- A blend of olive, coconut and castor oils

- Care instructions for your mold

- A reusable food grade natural silicone mold


- Optional: Stainless steel soap basket

- Optional: Mini DVD instructional video

- Optional: 4GB flash drive instructional video


Additional safety items not included in the kit that you will need are:

safety goggles




You will also need the following soapmaking equipment:

mixing bowl (Glass, HDPE or Stainless Steel) NO ALUMINUM OR ZINC!!!

silicone spatula

stainless steel spoon

lye mixing pitcher (Glass, HDPE or Stainless Steel) NO ALUMINUM OR ZINC!!!

stickblender (immersion blender)


The video below will show you how to use the kit, it is available also on Mini DVD or on a 4GB Flash Drive as an option you can add when you place your order.

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