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Shea Butter 4oz. Plus 1000mg CBD Isolate - 90% OFF for Greener Life Club Members - Moonlighting Special
Shea Butter 4oz. Plus 1000mg CBD Isolate - 90% OFF for Greener Life Club Members - Moonlighting Special

Shea Butter 4oz. Plus 1000mg CBD Isolate - 90% OFF for Greener Life Club Members - Moonlighting Special

90% OFF - PLEASE NOTE: No promo code required, but you must be a Greener Life Club Lifetime Member to purchase. Lifetime members can also purchase CBD private label products with their logo on and make 500% to 1000% Profit.
$20.00 Call 863-224-9555 9am to 5pm EST Monday to Friday for more information or CLICK HERE.
Lifetime Greener Life Club Members can order this with their logo in place of the moonlighting logo. Please tick the radio button below if you would like your logo on the product instead of the moonlighting logo:

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SKU: SHEABUTTER-4OZ-ED-PLUS-CBD-1000MG UPC: 812841028941 Uses: Private Label Product option with your Logo on label. Exclusively for Greener Life Club Lifetime Menbers at a 90% below retail price. USA made Hemp Derived CBD Concentrate (add to your soap and cosmetics products) or purchase as a Money making moonlighting or private label product (Any questions call 863-224-9555).

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Length (inches): 1.5 Height (inches): 2.5 Gross Weight (lb.): .5 Net Weight (lb.): .25 SDS/MSDS Link: C.O.A. / G.C. Link: Ayurvedic Blog: Essential Oil Blog: Greener Life Products: High Profit CBD Items:

Shea Butter 4oz. Plus containing 1000mg of Hemp Derived CBD Isolate.

The addition of Essential Depot's US grown hemp derived CBD isolate to your products will give you the potential to turn them into amazing and very profitable offerings.

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