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50 Pack Roll On Bottle - Clear - 10ML
50 Pack Roll On Bottle - Clear - 10ML

50 Pack Roll On Bottle - Clear - 10ML

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Product Details

SKU: PK-CONT-10ML-ROLLON-50PK UPC: 812841025018

Harmonized Code: 70109000 Net Weight (lb.): 3

50-Pack Roll On Bottle - Clear - 10ML

Roll On Bottle - Clear - 10 ML

Clear glass bottle holds 10 ml (.35oz). Package of 50 bottles, caps and rollerballs.

Ideal for perfume applications, for applying small amounts of skin-safe Essential Oils, and for other liquid or oil formulations. Small size (3-3/8 x 13/16) fits into pocket or purse for easy travel.

Includes plastic rollerball insert and black screw cap. Comes unassembled, plastic rollerball is inserted with firm pressure after filling bottle. Caps tighten securely to provide pressure on roller to prevent leaking. Users may notice a slight tilt to cap as it tightens against the plastic rollerball.
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