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Organic Kokum Butter - 3 oz
Organic Kokum Butter - 3 oz

Organic Kokum Butter - 3 oz

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Product Details

SKU: KOKUM-BUTTER-3-OZ UPC: 892647002871 Uses: Soapmaking, bath & skin care products. Amazing Greener Life Products - CLICK HERE

SAP value (KOH): 0.188 SAP value (NaOH): 0.134 Harmonized Code: 1515909000 Net Weight (lb.): 0.4 Ayurvedic Blog: Essential Oil Blog: Greener Life Products:

Organic Kokum Butter - 3 oz. - Finest Quality 100% Pure - No additives. - Handy Jar - Safety Sealed - Resealable Container

Organic Kokum Butter - 3 oz - In resealable quality PET Jar.

Fresh Product
All Natural, No Additives
100% Finest Natural

Shelf Life 12 - 18 months

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