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Civet Fragrance Oil - 4 oz.
Civet Fragrance Oil - 4 oz.

Civet Fragrance Oil - 4 oz.

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Product Details

SKU: FOIL-CIVET-4OZ UPC: 812841022420 Uses: Intended for soap and candle making. This is not a flavor oil. Do not ingest.

Country of Origin: India Harmonized Code: 3302901050 Net Weight (lb.): 0.52 MSDS Link: Blog/Forum Link: Wholesale Link: fragrance-oils-bulk/allspice-fragrance-oil-bulk.html

Civet Fragrance Oil 4oz. - Finest Quality. Supplied in 4 oz. amber glass bottle with Black Phenolic Cone Line Safety Sealed Cap.Civet Fragrance Oil - 4 oz.Finest Quality. Supplied in4 oz.amber glass bottle with Black Phenolic Cone Lined Safety Sealed Cap.

Check out the Civet Oil Blog at CivetOil.Com

Rich, musky, intoxicatingly indulgent!
Spiritual Uses: Lust, Love, Venus, Earth, Taurus and Cat Magick

Real Civet is a glandular secretion obtained from small pockets next to the testicals of the Civet cat.

Real Civet is almost impossible to obtain as this cat is endangered.
It is a powerful scent and very powerful magically.
It has been used for centuries to attract the opposite sex.

Harmonized Code: 3302901050

Remember the aroma in a fragrance oil is synthetic. For information on an all-natural essential oils alternatives you can visit the following sites:

The Essential Oil Site:
Essential-Oil.Com - CLICK HERE

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